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Whale watching

Whale reproduction and Whale surfacing behavior Courtship rituals take place during the winter months, following migration toward the equator from summer feeding grounds closer to the poles.

Then they go on their long journey to feed in the rich feeding grounds of the north.


Many sightings have been reported in November to April in the year. Around it were circular patches of disturbed water — the result of the ultra-loud sonar bursts it was using to knock out yard-long kingfish — almost like a sonic gun.

Although the species has cosmopolitan distribution and is usually not considered to cross the equator line, seasonal observations at Cape Verde suggest possible interactions among populations from both hemispheres.

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On a recent trip to the U. Whale surfacing behaviour Humpbacks frequently Whale watch kaikourathrowing two-thirds or more of their bodies out of the water and splashing down on their backs. What a tragic end for such magnificent animals.

We know this from ancient harpoons that have been found embedded in the blubber of bowheads, and which have been Carbon dated to years and older.

Whale song is thought to have an important role in mate selection; however, they may also be used between males to establish dominance.

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This waxy oil has remarkable bio-acoustical properties. Whales do not have to exhale to produce sound. Fin whalesminke whalesorcasand various species of dolphins can be seen year-round. Unrelated males, dubbed escorts, frequently trail females, as well as cow-calf pairs.

If you want to see the happy newborns joyfully breaching, the north-east coast really is the place to be! India, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Maldives also have dolphin watching and some whale watching.

The best months to see the whales here are January and February when you can expect to see between 2 and 4 whales per 15 minute period, [27] although fluctuations between 0 and 20 sightings are normal.

Dolphin species in the Visayas are attracted to fish lures and to commercial fishing operations. Only males sing, suggesting one purpose is to attract females. Share this article Share This week the results of the first Whale Symposium ever held in Britain were published in a book I co-edited.

Most likely to see: But no one has ever witnessed a sperm whale feeding at depth — although that may be about to change. Blue whales pass by on their way north — best time: Every year, male sperm whales migrate towards the poles, returning toward the equator to breed.Welcome at Brook House B&B in Kaikoura.

To most people, these villagers from a tiny set of islands are whale killers. PurePods is a total immersion, totally private experience of your own slice of beauty.

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A glass eco-cabin, located in the midst of the stunning NZ landscape. One year of whale watching in just one infographic.

Learn where to go, when to go and what to see. Plus: Download the whole whaleplanner for free! mi-centre.com: New Zealand's Weather News Authority - New Zealand's only regular weather news source.

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Whale watch kaikoura
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