Saturable reactor

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But a magnetic amplifier is a switch without moving parts or contacts, and it is virtually indestructible. Since magnetic amplifiers have no moving parts and no delicate components, they last for years with virtually no maintenance.

Before much progress had been made, though, the war was over. The reactor cores of magnetic amplifiers withstand neutron radiation extremely well.

It makes use of magnetic saturation of the core. The current applied to the primary winding controls the degree Saturable reactor saturation in the secondary, which in turn causes the impedance of the secondary to vary.

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Top Home Map The output voltage overshoots when the load is removed or a short clears. A small DC current from a low impedence source is fed into one AC winding, with the other AC winding connected to the load.

Top Home Map Applies to all switching mode power supplies with output filters using inductors.

Magnetic amplifier

How many of us have any idea what a magnetic amplifier is or how they work? The two halves of the output winding are wound so that the direction of the magnetic flux created by both Saturable reactor them in the center leg of the core is the same as the direction of the flux created by the control winding.

References - One to a few key papers. Magnetics have recently begun to invade the field of entertainment, too. Saturable reactors provide a very simple means to remotely and proportionally control the AC through a load such as an incandescent lamp ; the AC is roughly proportional to the direct current DC in the control winding.

A magnetic amplifier - or saturable reactor, as it is sometimes called - is a true amplifier.

Saturable reactor

But the spark had been kindled, and a few years later Vickers Inc. Magnetic amplifiers were used extensively as the switching element in early switched-mode SMPS power supplies, [5] as well as in lighting control.

Thus it becomes the equivalent of an extremely sensitive switch, or relay. When the load is remove from a switching mode power supply with a LC low-pass output filter, the only thing the control loop can do is stop the switching action so no more energy is taken from the source.

With this setup, the lighting man has fingertip control over each of the hundreds of lights throughout the studio. Magnetic amplifiers were also used to regulate the speed of Alexanderson alternators to maintain the accuracy of the transmitted radio frequency.

But even the tiniest input signal - perhaps only a few microamperes - will throw it into complete saturation. The AC windings maybe connected either in series or in-parallel; the configurations resulting in different types of map amps.

It has no wear-out mechanism and has a good tolerance to mechanical shock and vibration. Single-stage magnetics can be built with gains of aboutfar beyond the capabilities of the vacuum tube. Top Home Map Make overshoot a major selection criteria in the design of the output filter and in the selection of short-circuit or overvoltage protection.

Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Because magnetics can handle large amounts of current easily, they are a natural choice for electric furnace control. No overvoltage protection was shown. Stages in the assembly of a magnetic amplifier.

Power Supply Output Filter Design - Overshoot

And the transistor was still 47 years in the future. Figure 3 — Attenuation circuit for I5 and I7 2. Figure 1 — Alternating current upstream of a Graetz bridge rectifier delivering a perfect direct current on a highly inductive load Or tips when the bridge is followed by a capacitor see figure 2:How many of us have any idea what a magnetic amplifier is or how they work?

Very few, I would guess. Espey Manufacturing and Electronics Designs, Engineers, Tests and Manufactures Power Supplies and Magnetic Components for Shipboard, Vehicle and Aircraft “Mission Critical” applications.

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The mag amp is a Class H ‘magnetic field’ kind of amplifier Visually a mag amp is a device that may resemble a transformer, but the operating principle is quite different - essentially a mag amp is a saturable reactor.

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Saturable reactor
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