Opinion essays on smoking

As a consequence, non smoking taxpayers are forced to pay for the health costs of smokers. The writer needs to read extensively relevant materials that explain what the law of the land is regarding smoking.

Smoking during pregnancy can hinder to growth of the foetus and may even result in death. For instance, in the argumentative essay on smoking in public places, the writer should explain what the consequences are for not setting up smoking zones.

Tobacco companies are doing very well all over the world.

Short Essay on Smoking

The writer should not present just the legislation, or desired future legislation. In any argumentative essay, the writer should be able to show the contradicting views of people. This is usually done to discourage people from smoking. The reason is that some people may Opinion essays on smoking that smoking in public places has no negative effects that warrant its ban, while others may argue out that smoking in public places is so bad and dangerous that governments should ban it completely in towns.

If you still need assistance — you can get a custom argumentative essay at CustomWritings. In spite of the money which the Government receives from taxing cigarettes, the cost of medical treatment for these diseases exceeds this income.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Other addictive substances such as cocaine and heroin are illegal. The claims that second hand smoke leads to serious health problems must be the strong focus.

It disturbs non-smokers and is an unhealthy addiction. Finally, the nicotine which is found in cigarettes is highly addictive. Non-smokers soften suffer from eye and nose irritations, allergies and headaches as a result of inhaling second-hand smoke.

Some people are addicted to smoking, and they cannot be isolated from non-smokers. Another point the argumentative essay should explain is whether there is any law that forbids smokers from using cigarettes in public. In such countries, smokers are expected make ethical decisions and think about the effect of their smoke on the people who do not smoke.

Another reason for banning smoking is that cigarette smoke affects the health of non-smokers and unborn babies. Yet smokers continue to be slaves of this habit and often spend a substantial part of their earnings on cigarettes. Write about the following topic: It is ironic that despite the fact that every smoker is aware of the ill effects of smoking, he does not give it up.

Soon smoking begins to affect the health of the smoker. Smoking not only harms the smoker, but also those who are nearby. Therefore, smoking should be banned in public places.

Cigarettes are also addictive because of the nicotine they contain. Smoking has become very common and fashionable, especially among young boys. It is an example of an essay where you have to give your opinion as to whether you agree or disagree.

Why Smoking is Bad for Everyone

Generalizations of the laws and their background will not be strong enough.Smoking has become very common and fashionable, especially among young boys. This habit usually begins at school when boys try to experiment with every new thing that they can lay their hands on.

Short Essay on Smoking. Ban smoking in public places essay: The sample answer shows you how you can present the opposing argument first, that is not your opinion, and then present your opinion in the following paragraph.

Opinion essay Opinion essay is a formal piece of essay writing which presents the author’s point of view on a particular subject supported by reasons and examples. The opposing viewpoint is also suggested, it goes with.

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Opinion essays on smoking
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