Moi policy in hk

This introduction of CMI started in the secondary 1 intake of pupils, and progressed each year to a higher form at junior secondary levels. According to The Five Principles of Effective Second Language Vocabulary Instruction by Barcroft, [11] presenting new words frequently and repeatedly during lessons is one of the keys to success in learning a second language.

Schools are now allowed to choose to adopt EMI Moi policy in hk one or more subjects, or based on the ability of students in the extra-learning activities. Students in a Chinese language environment, on the other hand, showed a better performance in all other subjects, including ChineseScienceHistory and Geography.

As a direct result of this, students encounter less difficulty in understanding the materials that are taught in their mother-tongue language, Moi policy in hk there are less constraints owing to their broader Chinese vocabulary bank. Under the fine-tuned policy, total lesson time in English has been increased in order to improve the English learning environment for students in CMI schools.

Mother-tongue teaching, on the other hand, enables teachers to elaborate and explain concepts in a clearer way, which in turn, boosts the effectiveness of teaching. History[ edit ] Cantonese is the main language spoken in Hong Kong. The primary 6 students are capable of writing word articles in Chinese, whereas they can only make simple sentences in English.

Eleven Anglo-Chinese schools with more than half the subjects taught in Chinese were selected as the experimental group, and were matched with the control group who were in the English environment. It has been suggested that while students can learn more effectively about non-language subjects, the negative impact on performance in English Language is inevitable.

The arrangements made in schools have become more diversified and flexible. This in turn enhances the effectiveness of language acquisition. A total number of students in secondary 1 partook in the experiment, and were tracked from secondary 1 to 3.

Students in the control group, who were in an English environment, were found to perform better in English than their counterparts. Not all school reacted to this suggestion however, because some schools remained using English as the medium of instruction.

Another concern is the status of English as an international language. In general, students possess a greater ability in Chinese than in English: This is because of their limited English vocabulary of approximately words[ citation needed ]. When they are able to understand the concepts they are taught with ease, students are motivated and willing to pay extra attention in lessons.

EMI may be adopted in non-language subjects up to a maximum of two subjects, taking into consideration the language abilities of students. These schools also enjoyed the autonomy of deciding which language would be used in teaching secondary 6 and 7.Curriculum and MOI policy Facing the changing and interdependent world in the 21st century, the school curriculum focuses on more than just the transmission of knowledge.

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum is very important as it is the core business of our school. Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School. Language Policy.

Moi Moi by Luke Nguyen to Open This November

Under the fine-tuned medium of instruction (MOI) policy. for secondary schools. A. Background. The fine-tuned MOI policy by the Education Bureau (EDB) for secondary schools has been in effect from September In accordance with this policy, In addition to implementing different.

Mother-tongue education in Hong Kong

A content analysis of the textbooks in Hong Kong concluded that the reading material is “of questionable intellectual, psychological, and cultural relevance for intelligent year-olds” (Pierson,p. ). The highly anticipated Moi Moi has finally opened at Lobby, Nexxus Building,41 Connaught Road Central,Hong Kong.

Fine-tuning of Medium of Instruction (MOI) for Secondary Schools

Impact of the Fine-Tuning Medium-of-Instruction Policy on Learning: Some Preliminary Findings Under the new MOI policy secondary schools in Hong Kong are permitted to offer EMI classes. In response to media enquiries on the future development of fine-tuning the medium of instruction (MOI) policy, a spokesman for the Education Bureau (EDB) today (December 24) stressed that the bureau was actively working on fine-tuning the MOI policy for junior secondary level.

Moi policy in hk
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