Merits of democracy

Sense of cooperation and fraternal feeling: This can be viewed in few countries. The will of the state comes to be in accord with the general will. Tweet on Twitter A representative democracy is a form of government that allows people to elect officials, who make decisions on their behalf.

While a state-owned company primarily serves the citizens of the stae, the primary goal of a privately operated company is to make profit.

It ensures equality and liberty. As Gettle says, "Popular intelligence and virtue are its most valuable results. Go here to subscribe for free and download the episodes straight to your phone, tablet, or computer.

It gives equal opportunities to make progress to all the people. This we can Merits of democracy as most politicians support rich people in return for monetary benefits like party funds etc.

Essay on Democracy – Its Merits and Demerits

History is replete with examples when absolute government had to face popular wrath in form of rebellions and revolts. People can live and regulate their lives according to their needs and choice.

A democratic leader is in position for a period. When things go wrong, or not in favor of the Merits of democracy, there are no repercussion for these officials. For this again prices are hiked to maintain the budget of the government and again that money can be misused.

The leader No one has the authority to challenge and even if someone questions no one is there to answer. This conception imbibes in them the spirit of patriotism and nationalism.

I want a well kept house because the value is greater for me, but my neighbor benefits from my well kept house as well in his property values. The advantages and disadvantages of any political system have to be weighed carefully in order to arrive at any conclusion.

No one has the power to question and even if someone questions no one is there to answer. Truth be told, not all individuals under a democratic government are aware of the political and social circumstances in their country.

The rights and interests of every section of the people in a democratic state are adequately safeguarded. Equal and fair justice: For example, it may choose the market which is most profitable to operate in and leave lsss wealthy customers without a service.

Since a person is elected by people, people have the right to decide their leader by involvement in voting. This political system can promote changes in the government without having to resort to any form of violence.

Discretion depending on treatment ie: It ensures to the people freedom of speech, conscience, assembly and action. People can choose their leader irrespective of cast, creed, sex and even race. Merits and demerits of internet? But by weighing their advantages and disadvantages, which in this case is democracy, you can come up with a well-informed understanding if it is best for the people or not.

So freedom can seem to more evil. Democracy is meant to elect one who is eligible and has sufficient experience to rule and lead the nation forward.

16 Significant Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy

Democracy is most important for most people world wide. The United States of America is one of the oldest democracy in the world.

These officials can then help them with their problems and guide them through the steps they need to take to get it to the next level of government. But these democracies did not last long. No Accountability Once elected, officials can do whatever they please, and this often includes breaking campaign promises that they made to be elected in the first place.

It has been said that the ideals of democracy are not capable of fulfillment. It can take long to make decisions.A representative democracy is a form of government that allows people to elect officials, who make decisions on their behalf.

In this way, the citizens have. 11 Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy Democracy or democratic government is a form of government wherein the people or citizens of a country have the freedom to choose their leaders and get involved in governance.

In a democracy such as ours, which has a representative form of governance, whereby we vote for people who will make decisions on various matter for us, this is an advantage and a disadvantage.

Merits of Democracy: Democracy is the best form of government. Its merits are as follows: 1. Ethical Defence: Democracy recognizes the worth of a man.

13 most essential merits of democracy form of government

It rejects the right of one or a few to rule over the others. Under democracy the community as a whole is the custodian of sovereignty of state.

Democracy is a type of political system that requires a popular vote (representative election) to take place to elect the leader of the country and other officials. Simply put, the leaders are chosen by the people.

Democracy is a form of rule where the people of the nation enjoy at-most freedom of living. They elect their leader and let them govern. Many nations in the world have democracy. But there are also few disadvantages of democracy. Here are list of bad things about democracy.

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Merits of democracy
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