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Male gods had more important roles than the female gods; two examples of this is the poems, Iliad and Odyssey. Virtually, nothing was lost from such a conquest.

It was also a battle for resources, at the same time, like many other wars. On the other hand, this was also a good moment for Darius I to attack Greece because of the internal political problems that both Athens and Sparta, the most important powers in Greece at that point, faced.

The Empire would thus benefit from the momentum behind all its previous victories: Greece was divided by mountains plains. For example when King Cyrus freed the Jews and gave them official permission to rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

The Persian Empire was known for its military superiority as well. He set up their principles for the Persian government that was later passed down. The Greeks traded throughout the Mediterranean Basin and their colonies, as the cities in the Peninsula, were very rich.

He systematized taxation, standardized weights, measures, improved transportation routes, royal trading ships, promotion of agriculture, a banking system, and promotion of international trade.

Having somebody from the enemy camp could obviously be considered an advantage and encourage an aggressive act. Greece had many great leaders who helped them achieve greatness like Alexander the Great. Both were prodigies in warfare and solving problems in their own countries.

They were similar and different in so many ways. Aristotle divided the government systems into monarchies, oligarchies, tyrannies, and democracies, but for the most part it was democracy.

The economy, especially in Greece, relied on imported goods from other places.

Compare and Contrast on Greece and Persian Empire

Darius was the main reason Persia became unified. Although The City-States of Greece and Persia are similar by their education, they are different because of their political systems and military systems.

This is not only strictly related to its military and political might - the communication system was extremely well developed for that particular age the postal system was one of the most competitive in historythe system of satraps who ruled in their provinces functioned well and efficiently and the Persian Empire could boast the best administrative structure of its times.

Darius would adopt different rules and laws from the places he conquered. If there was a conflict between aristocracy and the middle class then the governance would choose the best solution after the city of capital of Greece fell into democracy the surrounding cities also fell into democracy.

The Greeks had specialization, which means they had a specific job. In ancient Greece the military might of the Greeks resided in its infantry forces.

Many cities contained a tyrant who controlled and governed at their own will. Peasant families worked the make for and handed a portion of the crop to the owner. Grecian religion mainly fell into mythology that consisted of stories of their gods and heroes. That was the key to their success.

The rulers of Persia were Zoroastrians; they practiced religious toleration and helped rebuild the temples of foreign religions with money and official permissions.

We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and Contrast on Greece and Persian Empire or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER They had unbelievable ideas of warfare like the Persians lining up ships and putting planks of wood over them and marching 70, men across the sea, or the Greeks funnelling the massive army of Persians into a canyon were their numbers would be their down fall.

The domination of politics and agitation due to wealth by small groups of families was the approximate cause for the fall of the city-states. Greece depended on trade; it was very important. The military, economic and political strength that the Persian Empire had acquired during this period of time made it obvious that it would it now attempt to defeat the remaining power in the region, after the Lydian Empire had already fallen.

In the policy-making system there was no unity or society when it came to politics. Sparta had been involved in the Athenian internal politics and had tried to establish the tyrant Hippias back on the Athenian throne, afraid that an Athenian democracy would be dangerous for the Spartan society.

There are many similarities between Persia and Greece.Sparta and Persia in the Ancient World. An Analysis of Military, Religion and Government.

Sparta and Persia are two cultures with a lot of history between them. The Spartan. civilization existed in Ancient Greece. Sparta was a city of Laconia of Peloponnese. located in Southern Greece at the. Mar 27,  · Over the years Greece and Persia have had many employments and rivalry mingled with the two dating back to the before Christ era.

that at the same time, each city has influenced the other in some way. The Greek history has been greatly influenced by the wars between Greece and Persia. These wars are considered to be the milestone in shaping up the history of Greece.

Greece and Persia

Greece and Persia Persia and Greece were beautiful and prosperous empires, the most influential of their time. Over the years the two empires have had many conflicts and rivalry dating back to before the Christ era.

Greece and Persia Essay

Greece vs Persia Essay Comparative Essay Ancient Greece and Persia had many differences and some similarities. In the political and economic aspect, there are more differences than similarities, such as their economy, type of government, etc.

Greek & Persia The causes of the Greek-Persian War can best be divided into primary and secondary causes.

The primary causes come with the founding and subsequent immediate expansion of the Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great.

Greece and persia essay
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