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And this takes me back to the notion of "school" as "play. In other words, while my own fictitious term paper is itself humorous, parodic, irreverent, and irrational that is, completely "off the wall"it nevertheless makes a kind of sense concerning the "theme" of excuse this barbaric coinage "fictitious term-paperality.

We could also present a few factors of good essay writing to ensure that yours is a well structured one. Make sure to label all documents with the document name Eg Net Worth or Cash Flowowner client name, and date.

Your net worth and cash flow statements MUST be done in excel. But why should the "intent" in question make such a difference? Since self-reflection is not as a rule the forte of most of our students, this was a welcome discovery indeed.

My second discovery, then, has to do with an answer to the question: In the text of your paper you should quote from the work of literature of your choice from time to time, varying short with long quotations, in order to make your paper look real even as you Fictitous couple term paper careful to maintain the illusion that the work of literature of your choice is the subject matter of your paper.

As I have already indicated, the answer cannot be that the fictitious paper is not real. To reduce their anxiety, I provide them with a sample fictitious term paper see Appendix in which I myself painstakingly fulfill all of the requirements in question. And that person would have understood nothing of the game who, at this [du coup], would feel himself authorized merely to add on; that is, to add any old thing.

But perhaps this is not paradoxical at all. Just give it a title and begin writing. Experimenting with this fictitious term paper requirement for approximately a decade now, I have learned a number of things, some of them pleasantly surprising.

We could help you study the Oedipus Complex, which is relevant here. The first discovery was a pleasant surprise. What is paradoxical is that in spite of the requirement for the professional format it does not impose on the student the stultifying burden of conformity.

I must further confess that the sample fictitious term paper I provide for my students is not only itself self-conscious or self-reflexive, but that it, too, fails to keep its own text from being contaminated by the quotations intertextualized with it.

Interspersed with the quotations from the work of literature of your choice you should cite at least once from each of your other sources. Make sure you use examples from the textbook or other high-quality sources to establish the proper format for the net worth statement. The Johns Hopkins Press, There is no mimesis, only poiesis.

Friends for life — is this a dream or a reality? The initial reaction of my students to these instructions is usually mixed. At the same time, I also wanted my students to realize that the conventions of scholarly writing are simply the rules of the game.

They would start off very well and then drift apart as they grow older. However, there are instances when this association creates problems that could be disastrous both for the parent as well as the child.

Relationship essay

Which is the same as saying that the "real" papers are not real since they ipso facto represent albeit in a pretentiously disguised form exercises in futility. There seems to be nothing more natural than the bond between a mother and a son.

They actually wrote many that were funnier and, in some cases, better than mine, which is the best testimonial of the success of this assignment. We do not imitate the world, we construct versions of it.

APPENDIX The following is a "typical" fictitious term paper one of many I have written during a twenty-year period while using this assignmentactually used in the spring semester of They have one child, age 5.

I figured that if I could just trade the content in for the form I would be able to insist on the form without appearing to be in mindless conformity to the letter of its law.

I certainly expected it to flow with ease rather than meander aimlessly in the choppy current that usually passes for their expository or argumentative prose. Speaking of our own "real" writing, it is clear that the customary distinction between the real and fictive is vastly overstated.

One must then, in a single gesture, but doubled, read and write. The Great Art of Telling the Truth. If anything, it appears more real than if it had been real in the first place.

Well, I am not quite sure I agree. In addition to the sample paper, I also provide my students with a set of recommendations for the whole procedure. In these times of competition, greed and jealousy, it is quite rare to find two people who remain close to each other for a very long time.

Scheer Imagine that you are a student in a writing course where you receive the following instructions:PSY – Fictitious Case Study Write a paper which synthesizes sources to describe a fictitious case study concerning a high risk student athlete named Jason who is a 19 year old who is a white individual in danger of failing and dropping out of college.

The focus should be on the problem and the information in the case. Term Paper; Personal. This business is conducted by: An Individual Married Couple A General Partnership Co –Partners A Joint Venture A Limited Partnership A Corporation A Trust Limited Liability Partnership A Limited Liability Co.

filing a fictitious business name statement in a county other than that where the principal place of business is located, as long. Imagine that you are a student in a writing course where you receive the following instructions: Your task is to write a fictitious term paper. Romantic Relationship Case Study Create a case study, words involving a fictitious couple experiencing the stages and characteristics of romantic relationships.

Think of this case study as a “story” that you are telling about the process the couple goes through when building a relationship. Do not use any personal information or information related to current [ ].

Details: Part 1: Create a Case Study Create a case study, words involving a fictitious couple experiencing the stages and characteristics of romantic relationships. Think of MY NURSING TERM PAPER.

Relationship essay With good relationship essays you can make a lasting impression There are innumerable points that you could write on relationships; finding a captivating one is the challenge.

Fictitous couple term paper
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