Essay on begging in india

Here they should foremost be treated for their complaints and so trained in different sorts of handcrafts and bungalow industries.

Feeding them, like feeding the cows, is good karma for the Indians.

Essay On The Beggar Problem In India

But the number of such leprous, blind, or otherwise invalid beggars is not very great as compared to other kinds of beggars. The earlier it is eradicated, the better it would be in the interest of our nation. He begs for the whole day. There are travelling beggars who are particularly seen in trains.

And when we treat the beggar in the street in the same spirit of contempt, it will also cure him of the habit of begging and utter reliance on others. But the humiliating habit of begging from door to door must not be encouraged. Therefore, the beggars are not treated the way they expect to be treated.

But here our governments have no such responsibility and legislation against these is impossible because of religious taboo. These people, suffering from leprosy are carried from one place to another in a manually driven cart.

Begging has been stopped by law in many civilized countries. Unfortunately, the number of such people are very small, So, we see beggars moving from door to door, beggars at the station and but stands, beggars before the gates of hotels, beggars before the restaurants, beggars on the sides of road and beggars in the places of pilgrimage.

It produces parasites and wastes a sizeable amount of human power. Child and orphan beggars also are very common.

Essay on The Beggar Problem in India

Some beggars are blind or they suffer from some other disability. There are people ho are physically sound but who undertake begging as their profession, for it enables them to earn their living easily.

Besides them, there are the blindthe limbless people and the lepers who take to begging. It took an hour just to drive out of the city on a road that was jammed with rickshaws, camels, sacred cows and many, many beggars.

They wander from street to street, from one locality to another and beg for food and money. They also conducted money lending business out of this fund. His business card said he drove a rowboat and because his English was good, we booked him at the usual rate of rupees per person per hour for a dawn trip down the Ganges the next morning.

This type of begging is indeed very harmful. The Government of India is taking efforts towards the welfare of the poor people.HOME Free Essays Charity: Begging and Old English Means. Charity: Begging and Old English Means Essay. A. Pages:3 We will write a custom essay sample on Charity: Begging and Old English Means specifically for Related Essays.

Begging in India ; Moral Obligations about Charity views of Peter Singer and John Arthur ; A Visit. Begging, in ordinary circumstances, is a worst sin. It is against the principle of self-respect.

People of self-respect sometimes allow themselves to die in starvation Related Articles: Essay on beggars.

Essay on Beggars in India

Apr 22,  · In India, begging is an industry. It exists simply because people in power allow it to. India is no longer so underdeveloped that it cannot afford to build schools and shelters for child A Rolling Crone.

Begging is prohibited by law in India. But surprisingly, still our country is full of beggars whom we meet wherever we go. We find beggars in streets, outside railway stations, at bus stands, outside temples and other religious places, etc.

These beggars may be seen mostly in groups.

Beggar Problem in India

Sometimes individual men, women and children may also be seen. Essay on The Beggar Problem in India Jasvir Advertisements: Begging in India is a fashion, a compulsion, a profession, a privilege and a recreation.

The number of beggars in India is much larger than in other countries. Our heads hang down in shame when we read description of this institution given by foreigners in a hateful manner. Beging in India is a manner. a irresistible impulse. a profession.

Begging in India: A Menace to the Society

a privilege and a diversion. The figure of mendicants in India is much larger than in other states. Our caputs hang down in shame when we read description of this establishment given by aliens in a hateful mode. To the Westerners. India is a [ ].

Essay on begging in india
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