Country analysis of the united arab emirates economics essay

Structure The Emirati dirham is divided into subunits called fils. As noted above, the exchange rate is very stable and has not fluctuated much since when the dirham became the official currency of the UAE Google, These reserves provide a steady production of crude oil in the UAE.

It seems that pegging its currency to the U. Zayed supervised the emirates and concentrated oil revenues into improving healthcare, education, and the national infrastructure. The stability of the currency makes for simplified trade with its partners, especially the U.

The UAE has come a long way since its discovery of oil, and with the innovative plans it has, we should see continued economic growth and sustainable long-term success. The diversification will create trade opportunities that will last for years to come Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Currency Forecast As it stands, and has stood for the past 30 years, the dirham is a stable currency and has a consistent exchange rate with the United States.

Fluctuating rates make it difficult for us to gauge the risk involved with investing in the UAE. The fixed rate with the United States has not been very advantageous for the UAE lately because of the deprecation of the U. Given the history of the currency, the next six months holds no change for the currency.

The GDP is increasing at a steady rate and the country has experienced significant economic growth. For denominations smaller than one dirham coins are issued in six different face values: The government has begun investing heavily in more renewable sectors such as aluminum production, tourism, aviation, re-export commerce and telecommunications.

International and United Arab Emirates Economics : Case study analysis - Essay Example

The Dirham and the U. The UAE has also built a strong relationship with the United States and as long as it fosters this connection, the relationship should continue to benefit the UAE. Once Harris establishes creditability, there will be an increased demand for the skilled labor force the UAE supports.

Figure 7 in the appendix compares the amount of oil produced versus the amount consumed by the UAE.

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The oil discovery transformed an undeveloped, impoverished region into an upscale modern state with a high standard of living. The high inflation rate decreasing purchasing power, increases interest rates, lowers competitiveness, and leads to high uncertainty and labor unrest eToro Online, The growing oil industry affected the population of the UAE by attracting a large entry of foreign workers.

Rate of Industrial Production IPI measures the amount of output from the manufacturing, mining, electric, and gas industries. This being said, the currency should still be holding steady at its current fixed exchange rate with the United States in the next year.

The bulk of the population in the UAE is comprised of people between the ages of 15 and Together with the colonials, these foreigners now make up three fourths of the population. The large amount of oil production will allow the UAE to continue to be a top export partner between the East and West Index Mundi, At its induction inthe exchange rate of the UAE dirham to the U.

This is a good rate to look at depending on what type of firm plans to invest in the UAE. The labor participation rate, the proportion of the population that is economically active, has been steadily increasing in the UAE since the early nineties Google, Because of the volatility of the data, we must consider the stability of the rates in addition to the rate at a given point in time.

Economic Analysis of United Arab Emirates Essay Sample

This is good business for a firm looking to expand into the UAE. Of ages 15 and over, This reduces much of the exchange rate risk that Harris would normally face as a company looking to expand internationally.

The depreciation is negatively affecting the purchasing power parity of the dirham against other currencies. Relying on oil is working for now, but the diversification program the UAE recently launched will transform the economy to one based on knowledge, technology, and skilled labor.

The bank notes are issued in 8 denominations: Demographics The UAE has a strong labor force of 4. The low level of education sends up a red flag for business expenditures in the UAE because it doubts whether or not there are enough educated working people to meet the needs of businesses.

The UAE has earned its spot as an important supplier of energy and will continue to be one until the reserves run dry.Essay on Analysis of Emirates Airlines - Introduction The company of Flying Emirates The Emirates Airlines is one of company of the United Arab Emirates Airline. Emirates airline established in 25th may intheir head office is in Dubai and it based on the international airport.

Economic Analysis of United Arab Emirates Essay Sample The following section provides details regarding the economic environment present in the United Arab Emirates. The economic indicators listed below help us conclude what state the economy is in and whether or not a Harris expansion into the UAE is a good business decision.

School of Economics and Business, Uae Cultural Analysis Essay United Arab Emirates Country Notebook Cultural Analysis Executive Summary United Arab Emirates is a country that is built of several different emirates located on the peninsula of the Persian Gulf.

The country was occupied. Economy | September 13th GCC share prices post gains in first eight months of Some GCC bourses have benefited from higher oil prices and ongoing reforms aimed at easing access for foreign investors.

Essay on The UAE; Economic Diversification Words 4 Pages Sincethe United Arab Emirates has been one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of crude oil.

Essay on Report: United Arab Emirates and North-west End Iraq is an Arab country in the Middle East, located at the north-west end of the Persian Gulf. Inat age 20, Saddam joined the Baath Party.

Country analysis of the united arab emirates economics essay
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