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Thereafter, the US would have a large say in the future of Europe. To study the reasons for American entrance into the war to "make the world safe for democracy" Wilson understood that if we did not enter they war, we would not be able to help shape the peace that he envisioned - making the world "safe for democracy" and creating a new world order that would change the balance of power in Europe.

Austrian officials put the blame on Serbia for the death of their archduke, and eventually declared war. Only Qualified Specialists Order Now Militarism is about developing military resources for two purposes: August 23 - Japan at war with Germany.

Another cause was the alliance system, conjured up by the German Otto von Bismarck.

Causes And Effects Of World War 1

It is an international system of states, multinational corporations, and organizations that began with the Peace of Westphalia in In Versailles, he was forced to compromise.

The Black Hand believed the Archduke wanted to keep Serbia within the Austo-Hungarian Empire and would stand against any movement for Serbian independence. Britain was dominant in India - which becomes the centerpiece of its empire. Alliances, then, are agreements of mutual advantage made between nations with common enemies; they are not treaties of friendship or support for common beliefs.

Other treaties ended the belligerent relationships of the United States and the other Central Powers. Approximately 10 million died due to direct military action.

Wherever fighting had taken place, land, and industry had been destroyed. The Austrian-Hungarians acted most recklessly, caring little about the possible consequences of a small Balkan War.

Causes and Consequences of World War 1

Such a point of view must be one of the main reasons why World War I started. When he came home, was this Congress that had to "buy" his treaty and the revised 14 points.

Perhaps the single most important event precipitated by the privations of World War I was the Russian Revolution of Belgium, Poland, Italy, and Serbia were also badly affected. The death toll for the armed forces in World War I was appalling.

As one empire expanded, another contracted - leaving those nations, ethnic groups, regions with bitter attitudes about colonization as well as hopes for regaining political sovereignty.

Russia also hoped that large French investments in its industry and infrastructures coupled with an important military partnership would prove themselves profitable and durable.

Although still argued differently according to historical perspectives on the path to war, this rivalry was illustrated in the Berlin-Baghdad Railway, which would have given German industry access to Iraqi oil, and German trade a southern port in the Persian Gulf.

The consequences for the world were enormous: The pandemic killed predominantly previously healthy young adults - a fact related to its occurance during WWI. And how did this murder of an unpopular man lead to war? Germany lost valuable territory and was forced to accept the role as the real aggressor in WWI when, in actuality, all the powers had a shared responsibility.

The rapidly expanding empires seemed to have no understanding about the bitterness that reckless imperialism brought between competing empires, nor did they seem to understand how imperialism influenced the politics of previously-sovereign nations that came under colonial control.

Broadened in - pledged that if any one should "find itself at war" with a fourth power, the others would remain neutral. Entente Cordiale of The declarative model was most famously expressed in the Montevideo Convention.

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World War 1 Causes and Consequences Essay Sample

Germany also lost the "Polish Corridor", which was of course given to Poland. Many continental European states maintained governments-in-exile during theSecond World War which continued to enjoy diplomatic relations with the Allies, notwithstanding that their countries were under Nazi occupation.A look at the major consequences of World War I, from redrawing the map to creating myths that would contribute to a second great war.

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World War 1 Essay

Causes and Consequences of World War 1 The causes of World War I, which began in central Europe in Julyincluded many intertwined factors, such as the conflicts and hostility of the four decades leading up to the war.

Free Essay: Cause and Effect on World War 1 World War One, a huge conflict that sparked in and lasting all the way until The war was between the. World War 1 Causes and Consequences Essay Sample. A sovereign state is a political organization with a centralized government that has supreme independent authority over a geographic area.[1].

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Consequences of world war 1 essay
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