Analysis of video the world is flat essay

Friedman repeatedly tries to prove that India needs America, just as much as America needs India, creating an even, level economic relationship. The flattening of the world, the spread of globalization began with the development of computers.

Medical transcription, legal transcription, advertising, fashion designing, financial operations, etc. The early flatteners seem to be growing faster than before, as though they are taking steroids, and it will continue to empower collaboration.

If an average Joe wanted to work in a call centre in America, he would be disappointed because all the call marketing jobs are shifted to countries with lower labour costs. One must wonder, Analysis of video the world is flat essay as a metaphor, how can the world, in its massive spherical form, be compared to a mere playground?

Friedman argues that the winners will be those who learn the habits, processes, and skills most quickly—and there is nothing that guarantees it will be Americans or Western Europeans permanently leading the way. The author is trying to emphasize that it is easy to outsource manufacturing but to outsource services such as tax returns, done by accountants across the world, is truly an example of an even world.

This just goes to show that technology does not differentiate but bring countries together making the world a big technological playing field regardless of the past.

There are many anecdotes that the author uses to prove his thesis, and to establish how the author originally developed his thesis. This is the power of a flat world.

This helped more work to flow faster between companies and continents. Computers were hard to work with and appeared strange and confusing to the average person. Friedman believes otherwise, metaphorically speaking, of course. Friedman tries to persuade his readers that the world is horizontal by the use of irony.

Friedman acknowledges that there are parts of the world which are not technologically advanced. Even though, the world is obviously not flat — Friedman comes on strong to make us believe otherwise, figuratively.

This explains why, although the united states has lost some service jobs to India in the recent years, total exports from American-based companies — merchandise and service — to India have grown from 2. Friedman believes that the world is flat because now, it is a lot more convenient for people to get ahead in the global competition using technology such as internet and fibre optics.

The World Is Flat Summary

The spread of Internet, email, mobile telephony, etc has compressed distances and the time taken for communication. Suddenly, a person sitting in the US could connect to someone in India or anywhere else in the world where computers and Internet connections were available.

Friedman also points to the power of the community that arose in the twenty-first century, which can be seen in groups of people creating open-source software in their spare time while large companies are trying to sell the same service.

Using case studies, interviews and statistics, Friedman presents the idea of preparation for the fast moving world that most people are not able to keep up with. What Wal-Mart offers, Friedman explains, is a supply chain.

Friedman tries to prove his point by comprehensive use of logos. Soon, many American and European companies began outsourcing to India to take advantage of the low cost of labor and the vast pool of English-speaking, literate and skilled personnel in various sectors.

This means that the world of leading technology and globalization is not dependent on multinational companies or industrialized countries. Outsourcing is when a company subcontracts a service such as manufacturing to a third party, usually to reduce production costs and to make an efficient use of available labour.

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Growing affluence and improving lifestyles have changed the face of India from a struggling third world country to a global powerhouse.

Friedman goes on to discuss forces that are flattening the world. Friedman, The World is Flat pg However, Joe could work at Pepsi Co. At the same time, the The creation of the World Wide Web accelerated this process, as did work flow software.

Even though there will not be a world-wide singing of Kumbayah, the future looks very bright for the flat world.The World Is Flat Essays: OverThe World Is Flat Essays, The World Is Flat Term Papers, The World Is Flat Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access.

His notion of world becoming flat emerges from the convergence of two ideas; the global is becoming an entirely new playing field; and the complexness of 21st century globalization.

In explaining what is causing the world to become flat, Friedman introduces 10 influencing factors that led to globalization and flattening of the world. Words Essay on The World is Flat Article shared by It was the noted American economist, Thomas Friedman, who first mooted ‘the world is flat.

The World Is Flat Essay Words | 3 Pages. BOOK REPORT: The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman Thomas Friedman’s The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century is a bestselling book in which he examines an in depth analysis of globalization in today’s world.

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. 3 Pages Words December Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! The World Is Flat Homework Help Questions What is the era Friedman refers to as Globalization ?

The World Is Flat

You can find the answer to this in Chapter 1 .

Analysis of video the world is flat essay
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