An argument that dowry is a social evil and crime

Women from every walk of life, literate or illiterate, poor or rich, young or old must unite together and come forward to protect their own honour and interest.

This degrades the dignity and honor of women. Firstly the law against this crime should be strict and rigid with no concession. Being widely practiced across the nation, every other family faces the brunt of it. If parents of moderate economic standing cannot meet dowry demands, their daughter remains unmarried; or if they manage to give a dowry, they get into heavy debt.

There are certainly references to ornaments given to the bride. However, dowry in its modern form has started appearing in south India also. If we want our country to be a successful and developed country, then dowry system should be completely ended. But both problems and evils are kept under the same basket despite their fundamental differences.

Parents of a girl are pressured to collect or save money for dowry than giving her education. The Nayars of Kerala pay neither bride-price nor give dowry.

A boy becomes a more valued object than a girl. Shockingly, even after so much gifting and exchanges, one woman dies every hour due to dowry related reason on an average in the country, which has been a steady rise between toaccording to official data. The government has made legislation to limit the dowry exchange.

They have started secret deals. For bride side sometimes dowry depends on the physical beauty of bride; if bride is not physically beautiful her parents have to pay more money in dowry. Yet again, the dowry system asks for a revolution.

However, media holds the potential to remove dowry system from the mainstream Indian society. The girl does not make a claim for her share in parental property, but the parents spend a lot on her marriage.

Various actions have been taken for ending this crucial problem in our country by the government and non-government organizations.

Dowry System Essay – Evils of Dowry System Essay

Dowry deaths are occurring day by day in our society. Since dowry has become a complex phenomenon and a social problem, it needs quick and far reaching remedial measures.

The parents of the bride equally suffer from the problem. Active community participation is the primary requisite to make people aware of their rights and hence, in the long term, garner women their rights, and grant them apodictic freedom.

Well, the fact that the girl is also a responsibility for the family, not a liability, is ignored widely. According to the records in India, most of the incidents occur where bride is either burnt or committed suicide due to this cruel evil of dowry system.

Out of concern for her parents, she loses on self-esteem by believing she is a burden on her family. A man who gives dowry to his daughter plans to take more dowry for his son.Promotes domestic violence and crime: Dowry system initiates the act of violence in the society.

When demands are not met by the bride’s family, the atrocities elevate proportionately. At times, extreme steps are undertaken to shell out financial grants or material benefits from the bride’s family.

Dowry system is a social evil and owes.

Essay on Dowry System in India

Dowry System in Nepal. Marriage is supposed as a way of Money Making. The wife (bride) gets often beaten, humiliated, tortured and even burnt to death. Dowry System in Nepal. Marriage is supposed as a way of Money Making.

dowry act, rule and regulation of Nepal definitely helps to prevent the social evil dowry. But to make the Law.

Dowry System: Meaning, Causes, Effects, Solution

Dowry is a form of consideration (in cash or otherwise) demanded by the groom or his relatives in return for marring the to be bride. One of the worst evils of Indian Society is the dowry system.

The custom of dowry is prevalent in all the sections of our society in one form or the other. Dowry system is as old as man is.

The dowry system is a social evil. It is prevalent in all parts of India and almost in all the countries of the India many of the traditional customs have been given up, but the custom of dowry has not only continued, but flourished over the years.

Traditional Bridal Dowry Box as a Social Evil in Indian Society Words | 5 Pages. rhetorical question (p), not making an argument.

Essay on Dowry System

The rhetorical question is a device intended to encourage thought, in this case about the proper apportionment of power in our society. The use of DDT and other insecticides has outcomes that go far.

Dowry System in Nepal- Marriage is Supposed as Making Money

Incidences of the dowry-related atrocities and crimes have receded recently as a result of the social awakening created by various groups and organisations.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Dowry is not a ‘gift’, a ‘return gift’, an ‘exchange’ or a ‘recip­rocal gesture’.

An argument that dowry is a social evil and crime
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