An analysis of the organizational environment of the acme company

I think that in order for these two companies to survive they need to have a combination of organic and mechanistic structure. Competition is not that intense in those product classes for which the government is not controlling and setting up the prices.

Management needs pay close attention to make sure that their organizational design fits with the corporate culture and the organizational environment that they are trying to create. Potential Entry of new competitors Entry barriers in pharmaceutical industry is high for foreign companies as the govt.

Only top companies are marketing all these product categories and rivalry is mainly exist in these products class and among these companies. Also as most of the products in this industry are nearly identical and there are significant numbers of brands existing in this market, the bargaining power of buyers is very high.

Apart form that retail chemist and institutional sales team are also used by the company to sale and distribute its products.

Even though there are high entry barriers in the industry, threats from potential new entrants in this industry is also significant because of the industry profitability and the rapid growth of the market.

Research expertise in introducing new products Advance technology in marketing, distribution and production system Capability to utilize the internet technology in product research, marketing and distribution Advanced systems and telecommunications infrastructure to support all kinds of manufacturing and distribution process.

Bargaining power of buyers: Degree of Vertical Integration: In urban areas the trend is more toward medicines with herbal ingredients rather than chemical.

The distribution channel in the industry is not that much organized and therefore all the big companies have to develop their own channel by their own work force, which is very difficult and time consuming for new entrants.

Therefore, the dependency on suppliers and the switching cost to other suppliers are relatively low in this industry. The use of e-commerce has also developed the marketing procedure of the industry products.

The rural people being ignorant and uneducated are unaware about the consequences of taking these medicines. Brand preference and customer loyalty: This report starts using a company background and then proceeds by having an analysis of the outside and internal environment of the industry and the company, followed by its strategic practices at different amounts, understanding the company vision, vision and objectives.

ACI has already started operating their new state-of-art facility. Following are the factors that can be considered as entry barriers of this industry Economics of Scale: High capital is required to set up manufacturing facility in the pharmaceuticals industry.

The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is in high and rapid growth stage in the business life cycle. Backward integration are present in the market as some manufactures have integrated themselves in supplying raw materials for their own use.

They are also very cheap, as they are not scientifically produced. Due to protective rules of the government, multinational companies are not allowed in the market without the local ownership.

As the scale economies deter entry in this industry and cannot be achieved at the beginning of operation, potential new entrants have to start on a large scale which is a costly and perhaps a risky move. So the competition between firms in pharmaceutical industry is based mostly on non-price factors like brand preference and customer loyalty, product quality etc.

The profitability is mainly depend on the scale of operation, utilization of capacity, realizing the economics of scale and learning curve effect. They run a more organic structure, which relies heavily upon communication, delegation and teamwork.The company operates an analysis of the organizational environment of the acme company from a maintenance base at Anytown Airport where all company.


An analysis of the organizational environment of the acme company

IOM Influences on the Quality and Environment of Nursing Practice. Start studying Management Quiz 4. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The planning goals give organizational members a sense of direction and purpose.

When the Acme Company anticipates what may happen in the future by planning four different views of the future and then spells out what to do.

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Acme’s vertical differentiation, which consists of four levels of control, constitutes the dispersion of authority between the organizational hierarchy levels and gears to give the organization more control over its projects and activities. Strategic Management Analysis of ACME Laboratories Limited.

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Subject: While evaluating the industry and competitive environment, the preceding analysis has been used to decide whether the outlook for the industry presents the company with sufficiently attractive prospects for profitability and growth.


The mission of Acme Corporation Technology is to create technology solutions for forward-thinking organizations VISION STATEMENT To be known as the technology experts and resource center for small to medium-sized organizations.

An analysis of the organizational environment of the acme company
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