A local government research

The report concluded that from the information available there did not appear to be an infrastructure gap over the next 10 years. Community Outcomes Analysis The Department of Internal Affairs has analysed the community outcomes identified in the draft long-term council community plans of the 85 New Zealand councils.

More information about the study can be found here file size is 49kb. The findings are presented in this report.

Community Outcomes Analysis pdf kb. Statistics New Zealand Statistics New Zealand produces the General Social Survey every two years to provide a view of how well-being varies across different groups within the greater population. Public Knowledge About Local Government pdf kb. A summary of the findings can be found here 1MBand the full report is here 2.

Barriers and Enablers to Participating in Local Government - Research commissioned by the Department of Internal Affairs to explore the barriers and motivators of participating in local government. It includes summary information on potential capital and operating expenditure, income including rates and use of debt for the local government sector as a whole, and for selected groupings within the sector.

You can download Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website. The community outcomes themselves should be referred to for the most accurate picture of the outcomes communities want.

It was initiated in response to growing pressures on urban communities, concern about the impacts of urbanisation and the effects of this on the well being of residents. Focus group sessions were held with two target communities: Quality of Life Survey Report Statistics New Zealand Statistics New Zealand produces a wealth of information about people, households, businesses and economic activity.

This information is collected as part of the evaluation of local government legislation, and as part of ongoing work on a database for regular reporting on information and analysis about local government.

The report further recommends an emphasis on detailing maintenance forecasting, and that asset management plans should also focus on the longer term years. Public Knowledge About Local Government A survey conducted of ratepayers across New Zealand asked what councils do for their communities and the level of public engagement with councils.

State and Local Government

This report raises a number of important points as a basis for further discussion.ICMA conducts research on local government practices and welcomes partnerships with universities, nonprofit and private-sector organizations, and government entities. ICMA identifies concerns of importance to local governments, conducts surveys, undertakes related research, and disseminates results and analysis for the benefit of cities and.

Apr 26,  · Yet opinions about state and local governments remain favorable, on balance. As a result, the gap between favorable ratings of the federal government and state and local governments is wider than ever.

The FSU Local Governance Research Laboratory is housed in the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy School.

Founded inthe Local Governance Lab is a team of scholars pursing research that seeks to improve our understanding of local governments and governance institutions in metropolitan regions. Local government authorities are separate entities created for a specific public purpose.

Local governments create authorities as a means of providing a wide range of services to their citizens and have used them in increasing numbers to deliver services.

This sample State and Local Government Research Paper features: + words (19 pages), APA format, in-text citations, and a bibliography with 18 sources.

The research and information team provides research and analytic services to the LGA and help and support to the local government sector.

A local government research
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